Thursday, June 30, 2005 

Battlefield 2 Stat Online Ranked Servers

Yup, you got it.. I own you one.. is the words you heard in Battlefiled 2 in this game.. If you have not play Battlefiled 2 yet!! Find out more is more toward Team Play game up to 64 players..

I saw StarHub & Pagn Server butr they are not full with players and As for AsiaBF2 by SingTel.. is full during peak hours..

This is my Ranked Stas Below and I just wish Singapore have a Rank Server but it will be flooded if they have one..

Wednesday, June 01, 2005 

My galfriend phuket trip

My gal phuket trip, left without me.. sob sob =/
This is the Billibong Bikini she dare not to wear because NOT PADDING!! HAHA
I bought this Bikini direct from ebay, which cost me around USD30/= exclude wired charges..
But i did not see her wear in person but when i see this photo i staring for days now end up my computer wallpaper.
How i wish this photo can be taken by a 7 or 8 MEG Camera.. hai sian.. low res digital camera SUX!!