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Saturday, July 30, 2005 

Migration Migration Migration!

Today, I have to make an important annoucement...

My much beloved blog readers, if you've been reading religiously for sometime, I'd like to express my great THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart.

If you're an avid stalker, I'd say :" You go mang...!" If you're an occasional reader, I'd like to thank you too! But maybe from the heart of my botttom. Good enuf k.. My bottom how pert.

If you happen to just drop by and if you like what you see, Sphankzz too!

HOWEVER, I've decided to move to a new address as I'd like to try blogging from my new phone. It's much more convenient as I am on the move a lot nowadays and my laptop is about to retire manggg..



I sincerely hope that you would still read. *fingers crossed*...

One thing I really treasure are your comments, good , bad, relevant or bo liao.. I love them!

However, bringing you on Bloggers/Floggers is a change toward my bloging on Food & Travel Guides, but please be patient for my lastest update, I think they're doing something about it. You can still email me for anything, or register with Bloggers briefly, to comment. I'd be over the scream if you'd do that fer me.

I will still blog with my warped, crooked alter ego QSpot and the silly side will try to churn out more silly stuffs, like the gulf war part II and rude random rantings...

In the new blog,the entries have been categorised into Floggers.Look under Topics, this way more organised also. =)

So, yeah... I'll be fyucking joyous if you continue reading ...

I hope it's all going to be good. MUax MuAxXXX...