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Thursday, July 21, 2005 

The Vesak Day - Call from my gf

Hi there who ever who reading this..

Anyway.. i got 2 sms in the morning from my gf and things seem to be feeling good after watching a couples of movies and i really happy for my big day interview at the ERNI My gf seldom call me and usually guys in or around asia will do all the calling and stuff like that.. that why it make a girl so special..

I was going to have my shower now.. I promise her to meet her after the exam but thing seem didnt change that way.. She date me i wonder is she miss me or what she going to be up to?? I wanted her to study hard and pass the ACCA exams at June 2005..

Well i have not to think to much now and get shower and see what she up to now..

Seeya later..