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Wednesday, August 24, 2005 

Internet - Google VoIP

goipOK, I made "GoIP" up. Before a rumor gets started, there's no such thing as a Voice over IP offering (VoIP) from Google called GoIP (Googlevoice over IP). But that doesn't mean there won't be. This week, while at the Spring 2005 Voice on the Net conference (VON 2005), Google execs were apparently holding closed room discussions with several Net telephone service providers. The News.com report by Ben Charny characterized the activity as window shopping. News of Google's interest in Net telephony comes within 24 hours of AOL having announced at the same conference that it will be launching an Net telephone service within the month — one that involves the connection of an ordinary handset (if you can really call it that) to a broadband connection.

So far, the major telcos have survived the VoIP revolution. But once Google, AOL, and other 800-lb. gorilla ISPs get into the game, my sense is that a rapid and total restructuring of the entire telecom industry — an industry that already has had its fair share of restructuring — is not far behind.

As recently as last month, Google downplayed its interests in voice over Internet Protocol, relatively new technology for placing phone calls over a broadband connection. Services based on VoIP have seen rapid growth in the past year, thanks in part to rates that are typically below what traditional phone services charge.

The meetings offer further confirmation of the view that as the Net phone business starts to take off, search giants and Web portals such as Yahoo may not be far behind. Among the announcements at VON, America Online said it plans to unveil a VoIP service in the next month, heightening speculation that Yahoo, Microsoft's MSN and Google--its biggest Web rivals--may be exploring similar moves.

Try to use dial a friend using google? Try their own Google VoIP Directory in Demark i think!!

Actually, I'm not too familiar with these things, I'm even not so eager about this popular thing named skype, but that same day ( august 24th ), Google launched http://talk.google.com, a non-impressive (yet) IM mixed with that skypish telephony service or similar to if some geeks come to argue the difference.

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