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Tuesday, August 30, 2005 

Moi - Today my girlfriend's Birthday

I going to get a birthday gift for my girlfriend. I really wonder what type of watch she will like? Anyway i very hungry now and i think i going to for a "Pepper Lunch" Festival. Their beef is fresh and good mann.. I always like their garlic soya sauce. There one thing i really do not understand most of the women will like white or pink colours.

Well, after all she is the one you love and care the most.. I think i am going down to one of the watch shop and wip her a good Casio Baby-G out of that..

Yan Li, I Love U...
Oh ya Happy Birthday...

get her a sexy neglicee la, then ask her to wear and parade for u to seeeee and drooolll.

not a good idea to bring yer ger to pepper lunch on birthday leh, cos u smell not so nice after the meal....

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