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Wednesday, August 31, 2005 

Movies - The 40 Year Old Virgin

Hi guys, well after a day off work. I came across this movies online and do not ask me how i get it but i manage to saw this movie which is not even show in singapore. For all those Singapore readers out there, I am going to do a review on this movie. It had not been reviewed by the local newspaper by the way...

This movie was talking about a guy who aready in the 40 year old virgin who fall in love who a old hottie grandma of 3 kids. And came across ton of funny action and is a comedy movies after all.. I am not going to tell you what happen but you have to watch the movies when it arrive...

However you can take a preview here. Atl you can read some catch up at Here!! I do not know Steve Carell is but you can find there a CNN review this movie. There one thing i can tell you is this movie had a very good powerful comedy love script. I will give a 8 Stars out of this movie.

What will be your critics then??

you have a great blog...keep it up.

you have a great blog...keep it up.

will this be screened in sg? i doubt so lor.....

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