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Saturday, August 06, 2005 

Singapore - Lee Kong Chian Reference Library B2

Central Lending Library
Today i and my gf visited the libray and it was quite bigger then i thought. The Lee Kong Chian Reference Library is the place you will not one to miss. If you are a books and a big hungry for newspapers around the world. What will happen to their local news.. Well we land in the Central Lending Libray today and it was quite nice with the place built with high tech glass building.

Is Wensday and we do not expect much people to be there but i was quite suprise that the table was full and the chairs was fill with people reading at book. And there even teenagers plugging their laptops on the floor.

We got a place at the newpapers reading coner, where my gf can do some studies as she cannot find any seats at the study coner so why not get a sit where ever we can.. As i read found they have huge collection of newspapers from all over the world.

About 30 min later one of the staff woke me up and i guess i was fall asleep reading it.. Humm.. Nice cool place to take a nap huh!! I think one of the staff approch my gf and said that you have to leave the table in a very rough matter. Due to the fact the table was for newpaper reading for 30mins only! I wonder if you said 30mins why not put a timer or a chair lock for 30min. How shitty will it be to really enjoy reading!

A old man was standing and waited for my gf chair to sit on. It seem to me the people at the libary was very unfriendly and i even ask a guy to swap sit with him, just because i can sit closer to my gf. Instead i got this answer from the guy! "Hey, i been waitting to read this Straits Times for an hour!" I only wanted to swap seats not the newpaper..

Oh well, i think i will only come back when i wanted to read newspapers from the rest of the world and do some research. If not there no point for me to go back agin with the rude staff & people at the libray right?