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Friday, August 26, 2005 

Singapore - Singapore Dreams

For those who do not know what Singapore looks like! You will find Singapore on the tiny dot on the Earth Map or Goggles Earth. Living in Singapore is hot weather all year round... You can find all kinds of food all year round.

As for me like most of the Singaporean do live in a HDB flat. Some say may ask what a HDB flat?

There something "UNIQUELY SINGAPORE" STB Quote!

There was once a US reporter asks 'The Singapore Prime Minister' "What your country can do, that no other country cannot do?"

Do you know in Singapore, there no other country can do! They can ban chewing gum!! Singapore is well known country but the tourist & foreigner will never know that chewing gun is not allow..

As for most of the 60 to 75% of Singapore will dream on 4D, which include my dad...

yeap that is me indeed. why?

yeap that is me indeed. why?

and queuing is a national pastime!

Keep up the good work »

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