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Sunday, August 28, 2005 

What is a Podcast (vs. Audioblogs & Webcasts)??

When anyone asks what podcasting is, we can easily find technical definitions and short histories of it online (e.g. via Wikipedia). I believe that the harder concept to grasp is really how it is different from existing online media, such as audioblogs or even webcasts. Just where do we draw the line to call something a podcast? To distinguish what a podcast is, I produced a comparative table to show the relative difference between these online audio media. This table is by no mean complete and I aim to build on it based on the comments and suggestions you post.

Relative Differences in online audio delivery channels (ver 1.0a)

Webcast Audioblog Podcast
Streaming server / client software Web browser & mp3/wav audio player Podcast Aggregator Software
Delivery Method
Streaming Download Download/Torrents
Published via
Web page Blog RSS 2.0 feed
Real Time /
Pre-recorded Pre-recorded
Expensive Cheap Cheap
Technical Expertise
High Low Medium
SHOUTcast Audioblogging Last 100 Podcasts

What do you think?

Enjoyed a lot!
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