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Sunday, September 25, 2005 

About Me - Can you guess where?

Can you guess where is this place?
This was taken about last year Dec 2004.
I heard from my friend that the statue neck is going to break.

Originally uploaded by hplanet.

in Taiwan?

Which part of Taiwan will it be? You are almost there...

Ahhh............ I forgot!

I know its at a beach and these are natural forming rocks....

think it's ye liu, taiwan.

Still almost there very close.. Name is it south of Taiwain or east of west.. There are hidden prize install for you...

Need any hit?

Can I use fifty fifty?

I have visited the place, but cant recall the name.

Okie, Fifty fifty..

Hint: It is under a Historic Harbor of Taiwan.

*not prizes will be given since 50/50 is used.

Mr Q'

Its in Keelung - The famous rock formations in Yehliu Park.

do I still miss out on a prize?... :-( bugga....lol

How about a free ride in a helicopter? ;-)

Cheers Griller

ps. yeah I finally made it to your blogg.

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