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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 

Gadget - iPod Nano Hacked/Gutted!!

You knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Before you could decide on whether you wanted the black or white iPod Nano, some enterprising folks in Japan decided to lay down some cash for one just to crack it open and take a look at its insides. They discovered, as we have already surmised, that the iPod Nano’s flash mem of choice is manufactured by Samsung. Looks like the 4GB version has two 2GB of ‘em, and the 2GB has only one. Since our Japanese isn’t too good, we can’t tell if people can pull them out to use in other products, or if it’s otherwise hackable. Regardless, if you’re itching for more pics of the iPod Nano undressed, head to the site and take a look at the Nano’s innards in all their glory.

I was very shock when i see this and i run by a 4GB Samsung Flash. Mann i going to pay S $400++ for a 4GB flash + iPod firmware. Humm... I wonder hardwarezone.com ever show this?

iPod Nano (in Japanese) [PC Watch]

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