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Monday, September 12, 2005 

Gaming - World Cyber Games Singapore

Humm, just saw the local Singaporean fighting each other at Warcraft 3 and counterstrike and fifa and etc.. I relise that during my time that if you play computer games, you are a a nerd or a geek and do not like to study. I still can remember those back in the days there my mum will throw a chair at me if i do not go to bed by 3AM. What i know i used to play games during the wee morning time due to the fact everyone is sleeping and the ISP is on off peak hour so you can max out the bandwith. I am paying StarHub: MaxOnline Ultimate 30Mbps (30,000Kbps)!! I can tell you is worth every penny you spent on the MB if you are running a server or online gaming. LAG is always a know issue if you have a shared network btw you and your ISP. Unless you are running your own private OC3/T1 networks.

I like to play computer games online. And online game is much fun and you get to play with mutil-National player around the globe. You might end up to meet another gamer who become your buddy. I have overslpet and late for work by 30mins today due to have some Battlefield 2 online session until 3AM. I think it was 5AM at Meldourne. I hope nick: varicella is not 30min late for been bash up by his gf.

Singapore Cyber game was quite ok for me, maybe due to the fact i am a working adult now. Not a younger whom fall in love with game then gf. I wish most of the gf will be understandable that male human being likes games, car, women and etc.. My gf dislike me to play game, she think is a waste of time. I mean when i can do if i cant play games! Singapore is a small area of 30+Kilometer by 20+Kilometer. Mostly everyone know each other, you might bang into someone you know someday.

What do you say?
Does you allow your gf/wifes/bf/husband into gaming stuff?
Just simply i do not care a damm thing?

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