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Wednesday, September 14, 2005 

Internet - Google Blog Search

Launched in the early morning hours today, Google Blog Search does not attempt to innovate; it sticks tried-and-true to the spare design sensibility that is Google’s look-and-feel trademark. The test is not bells and whistles, but quality of results. Many observers are playing Technorati’s funeral dirge, but a lot of use must happen before the dust settles and we can see how Google’s new engine shakes out.

Google Blog Search crawls feeds only. This important point means that blogs without feeds (there are plenty of them) are excluded from results. How Google distinguishes a blog feed from a mainstream news feed is unknown to me. Another point is that blogs publishing partial-entry feeds (many, many of these) will suffer a damaged profile in results because much of their text remains uncrawled. You could argue that this drawback is the publisher’s problem, not Google’s. You could also argue that Google Blog Search is misnamed, given its narrow, full-feed publishing requirements.

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