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Thursday, September 08, 2005 

Internet - Internet Bloggers Review

Howdy mate, if you seen of blogs tons of them. At one point i relise that there are much people around the world start to blog and there are more Singapore kick off thier blogs. Mostly like me land in BlogSpot.com or LiveJounral and some rich enough to hire & buy a domain names of their own.

I will like to say is most of the US people blogs you see is mostly on politics, personal, food & etc news blog subject. As for local Singaporean you will see more on Food, SEX, local news, podcasting, critics/hate blogs and etc.

Blog had been a internet culture and set trends to the future. I had been and blog exchange program allow you to read other people blog to gain traffic but wait. Is up to you wish your blog to be public or just for your family or alone. Open source had been a good ways to let people enjoy free software too. Even Open Source SEX on podcasting which I heard!

I wonder what kind of blog you will like to read?