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Thursday, September 29, 2005 

Movies - The Myth (JCE Productions)

The Myth!! Humm.. This movies sounds very different from the past Jackie Chan’s movies. For the past 2 years I had seen a lot of Jackie Chan movies produce in Hollywood. Now under his own company of (JCE) Jackie Chan Production is still something new term to me.
Coming soon there will be “The New Police Story” Hollywood version. Then “Rush Hour 3” very interesting I believe. As we know that we already enjoy Rush Hour part 1 & 2. Now part 3, I wonder what Jackie Chan comes out with what type of new stunts.

I always love Jackie Chan movies. Now of day you will see Jackie Chan movies with RED HOT SEXY BABES like Kim Hee-Seon & Mallika Sherawat from Bollywood.

Kim Hee-Seon is famous for Korean Drama & Mallika Sherawat is famous for her BIG Boobs & her sexy body at Bollywood. I think I will rather have Kim Hee-Seon type as my wife, that will be wicked & lovely ya.

Back to where I was, my friend keep saying that “Mallika Sherawat have a great sexy body” I was thinking about Kim Hee-Seon anyway, hehe. =P I had not blogging for the past 2 days I guess and having a great day watching movies and catching up with an old friend.

FYI: Singapore Version had been (re-rating: cut)!! Some of the scenes you will miss, is PG rated by the way... =(

This movie “The Myth” is made in Asia for the Asian market. I have watching a few type of trailer and I found that Jackie Chan wearing the ancient helmet looks very weird to me as he is a International Stunt Actor. I love his movies since I was a kid way back in my primary school dayzzZZzz…

Does anyone know the song of “The Myth” Soundtrack (Korean Version)??
Not the song sings by Jackie, it is a pure Korean version of the song!!

Sup fool, u are a weird guy.

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