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Saturday, September 17, 2005 

Personal - About BF2 & Moi (GF inculded)

i am not a part of clan as i have no time to join and play as hardcore gamer. HEHE!! =P As my monther used to say Artist, painter usually do not get rich and i believe a Hard Core Gamers as well. So Battlefield 2 is a whole new game play with teamwork & teamplay needed. I had been in the Army are a Infintry Uint 1 SIR for 2 year of National Service holding as a rank of Private.

you can find my Battlefield rank below

The truth is I REALLY ENJOY PLAYING BF2 with you guys as i enjoy a sense of teamplay and teamwork that what a Army Unit & Battlefield about. Is really sometime very funny that we crash and kill the cobra chopper. Been EXPLODED for no reason. You can see some idoits try to fly and CRASH then BOOM BOOM BOOM. I mean the chopper bus ram into me & we exploded and at the same time the plane ram us as well.

When you guys are leaving and as i am alone playing BF2. I will be quite sad playing without with you guys as i guess i have built a bond with you playing the Blackhawk Whore Tactics.

I feel happy playing BF2 with you guys and you guy boast up my moral wanted me to improve my flying skill better. I am not good in flying plane as they are too flast for me and attack chopper is fine for me also.

When i play with you guys and there something happen to it and you might brighted up my day.

I had a great fight with my girlfriend as we are at the edge of breaking up. I had been with her last christmas until now. I still with her and life goes no as usual.

What do you say?

hope u and yer gf be alright soon! every couple fights once in a while! just try to work things out by not beingso emotional and of cos, have a good talk :)

I call her yesterday and she said want to have a break... =(

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