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Sunday, September 18, 2005 

Personal - The Dating Game

Humm... Where shall i start? Let see... I met Candy at last year some where online as i shall not be name of the site and they charge bloody expansive for per year. If you search around you will find it. Let begin, it all begins with a message and an exchange of email to contact numbers. I am a type of guy who prefer to talk on the phone or through face to face, where human languange and touch is present. Is been around 8mth now and there are good time and bad times.

I think to understand a people is harder then anything else you have done! Don't they? I had totally fall for her, i do not know she reading a not but i do not think she have much time to read my crap as she got a tight work and part time exams from it.

She a sweetest girl i ever know and not much women i know could come close to her inner sweetness... I think about a few day ago and i sudden pop out a very idoit question. "Do you love me?" i got the answer is "NO" Striaght from her mouth. It hurt from the bottom of my heart at one point and the other was i feel very sad. After all these nice and sweet memories and i got this answer and not to say that i send her home every time i saw her. From Yishun to Hougang Taxi cost me a bomb through out the 8mth which i think i can buy a NEW PC gaming RIG!!

I do not mind for the trip usually cost me around S $7 to 15 bucks from her house to my. I remember somewhere i ask her that same day, "Do you like me" I got a reply of "Yes". She happy to be with me but another put i guess i am the guy who she not looking for. WTF, am i doing blogging this crap?

Right now my plan is to let her cool down and let us take some time out. How i wish i can get married with her as my wife, where she can really spice up something(X factor) of my life mann..

What do you think?
Shall i let her cool down, and explain/please/patch/resolve the issue?

i am not a relationship guru, but it helps to come out have a good talk and voice out all yer worries and unhappiness. what is it that she is not happy with, etc etc, and give each other some time to work out the problems.

I going to let her cool down and have a good talk with her and ask her to be with me again. Meanwhile i need a backup plan...

She said that i am not the type of guy her wanted or dream of!! What the heck is she saying? She want the type of guy to be cool like Jay Chou, a bit MCP, earn SGD 3K salary, must buy tiffiny in order to get married? Why cant women have a simply have a simple life and spend more things like going oversea together?

Women question, i guess?

Mris Kucinta can you help me? I need your advise!!

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