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Sunday, September 25, 2005 

Personal - Daydreaming@work on Sunday

I was still upset about the break up and still in the stage of recover part. I have to keep myself busy and stuff like that. When to work and change the LCD setting and the it went blank so end up using other ppl computer for work at the CC.

Was a bit tired and no mood for lunch maybe too full from breakfast or shall i say breakup!! I sudden close my eye and fall daydreaming on my office chair and thinking all those sweet memories we had for the past 8mth of our relationship with Candy TYL.

I never fall daydreaming during work before and i was lucky it was sunday. Anyway i can wait to go back home and start playing Battlefield 2 Online at EA SG@Pagn tonite. Hopefully there kind players who dare to ride my BlackHawk tonite...

Meet up my long good girlfriend Cindy on monday and need to send the router which i sold to paul at eBay. Go SLS on monday liao..

the best way to get over a breakup is not thinking and writing abt your ex girlfriend.....so tt u wun be reminded of the painful past...

too much playing bf2 la walau...

too much playing bf2 la walau...

too much playing bf2 la walau...

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