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Sunday, September 11, 2005 

Personal - Forgotful Weekend

What a forgotful weekend i have. I forgot my gf working timetable, got scold by her call her mobile at the worktime when she working. My gf forggot her home key and lucky i have a spare ones. I forgot how much money i have and the end i over spent it!! Oh my, How am i going to survive until my next wages come?

I just wish i can earn more wage for better things in life and my gf. How i wish i can get married now...

What do you Say? >_<

Son, if you have no money, you won't be able to get married.

Saw the reference to your blog on some site, figured I'd check it out. It's damn nice, I'm very impressed. I'm going to agree with seaman here though. If you don't have any money, then you should hold off on marriage.


maybe if u din buy the keyboard, u have enough $$ to last till yer next wages come ;p

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