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Monday, September 19, 2005 

Personal - Found a new bond/friendship

I wonder how long my bond/friendship will last between each other... I am very glad that we found a chapter of friendship between Candy Tang and Me. I wonder how long did your Xgirlfriend will last of our friendship?

At one point i hope the words she said of "Breaking Up" is temporary. I doubt so... But i just glad we found a new chapter in our friendship then...

I hope we can meetup with each other as we used too...

What do you said?
How long your exgirlfriends/exboyfriends/exwifes/exhusbands of friendships?

i still remain in contact with my past loves. we still go out occasionally (in a group). one of them calls me regularly on the phone to update me on his life and his problems....

so who says u cant remain friends with yer exes?

What a great site » » »

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