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Wednesday, September 21, 2005 

Personal - I so sad but I will/have to live strong

I never feel so sad during work and I baldy miss her. (Candy TYL) of course. I was at the work today and I sudden shear my tears. It sudden recall I bought certain things for her and all the sweet memories that we had and stuff like that.

I SHALL NOT THINK FURTHER AND LIVE STRONG!! But at the end I ran to the toilet and CRIED!! What the heck, am I a folish to fall deeply in love? I do not think so, I not prefect and I just a human being after all.

There much things for me to think of in my life and so I call my friends (shall not be name) Miss T seeking for advice and stuff like that might make me feel better a bit.

Is going to knock off work now and colleague have not come yet. Yukkie he has arrival... ^_^

Off to go play Battlefield 2 now... Yukkie >_*

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