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Tuesday, September 27, 2005 

Personal - Movies Jackie or Andy

I have to meet up with one of my long good friend at 53opm at PS so we can catch up things in life and watching movie. I have no idea there a upcoming of Andy Lau movies, I know there a new Jackie Chan movie call Myth. Have anyone watch it yet?

Just found a long lost BF 2 kaki and i was trying to squeeze in to the 64 player server as they are full. I alaway got piss if the server is too full and there a lot of action and ramming and my death rate at BF 2 will become like bull stocks.

I think i enjoy flying the Heli and attack chopper then fragging.. Yup I now using Top end Wolf Clan Keyboard & Razer Copperhead 1st edition mouse 2000DPI... WhopppieeeEEEee..

Are you into gaming?
What type of games will you play?