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Thursday, September 08, 2005 

Personal - My Fight Review

Humm, on the early morning when I was on my way to work I was thinking about the past time I had with my GF. Thing seem rocky as it goes, I was think the past few fight that I had with my GF. She complain that I was not pay attention to her, when she is talking.

What I know most of the men are thinkers. Which include me. I had read John Gray, Man From Mars & Women from Venus. I know is a kind of understanding between each other. I guess love is a kind of love and hate relationship.

I love her very much & i had deeply fall to her. And at one point we had a small fight and i feel so sad. There are times i really want to cry out. I did i hung her and cry my feeling out to her, all her got is a shock and blur which she really do not know what to do. All i want her is to listen to me and comfort me.

At times i really miss her, i guess is just a love and hate love thing which i relise that i had fall for her. Love & Life is like a stock market, sometime you sky rocket all time high & sometime you drop. Sometime you hit rock bottom too.

There are good time & bad times. I always wanted to find and learn more about relationship and love and i believe learning have no boundries and never end under you end up in your own grave.

After all i just have to live with it and read John Gray book to need a bit of self help guide who can bring me through the tough times.

hey, relationship can hardly be painted like a bed of roses. there r bound to be ups and downs. it's tough times like these that mould your rn to be stronger. if you can ride thru the waves, then congrats! if not, be grateful that it happened and you learnt something from it. cheers!

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