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Friday, September 09, 2005 

Personal - My Wishlist - Just Bought FPS Keyboard

Is damm early in the morning now around 8AM +8GMT i guess. Yarn very blur and sleepy now. Just completed my wishlist as i just bought a wicked Wolf Claw Gaming keyboard. Cheaper the Z board actually. I bought the Wlf Claw Keyboard at funan at S$65/= after discount. Got a bargan out of it. Now poor like shit as i waitting for my wage to come at this month end..

I feel like to throw away with my new keyboard as i not use to it yet.. the key you see at the image above is for FPS gaming players.

I guess i have to switch from a standtard keyboard to a FPS after all. My whole computing life had change with new keys need to store to my mind/brain. Humm...
After seeing this

Do you like the funny key at the left side?

I will test and try and slowly used to the FPS keyboard that in order to get more point at the battlefield 2 ranking back...

What do you prefer your old keyboard or a new USB keyboard or huh, Keyboard i do not care can use can liao?

well depends on the kind of usage. i can see you r a technie gadget guy, so of course the normal looking keyboard no longer appeals. and for your kind of interest i think if u can afford it, then go for the one you like.... hope this helps... thanks 4 dropping by my blog. Your blog really fantastic layout....

That this looks too complicated to use.

$65? Hell, I'll get one anyday. Are the keys arrayed in the semicircle around the top weapon switch keys?

waaa, looks like those people who are short hand need to update their skills on the semicircle keyboard...

keys arrayed in the semicircle are quite good but u need to get used to it i had visit the World Cyber Game at Suntec Today...

I found i need to get use to the key and the switch weapon are quite easy to play with..

If you can try another high end keyboard is the Z Board they have the battlefiled 2 version.. BUT VERY EXPANSIVE

ur language irritates me

ur language irritates me

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I question your comprehension ability, for I can still discern the gist of Qiu's message despite its imperfection. There are indeed, technical errors. But for you to label our informal slang as "shameful" indicates an arrogance and immaturity that would never do justice to whatever level of english that you and your kind claim to operate at.

Technical errors in the language of one, used without intention of malice do not deserve shame. Your words, on the other hand, reeking of arrogance and dripping with contempt, do.

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