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Friday, September 23, 2005 

Personal - QiuSpot.com got lock by 1and1.com

error 500: Interner Serverfehler

Das angegebene Skript konnte nicht fehlerfrei ausgeführt werden!

ATTENTION my 1and1.com lock my QiuSpot.com and so therefore please Direct your URL to the old one QiuSpot.BlogSpot.com

Please kindly stay tune for more updates at QiuSpot.BlogSpot.com

They sudden lock my domain i paid US $7/= per year without any notic and they said is a fruad account! Under their policy you must be a live in US or Canada User to apply and it was not stat in their website. So i give them a SingPost my personal vPost address and they have 5 user using that same address and contact number. WTF! i got lock by that!

Now know i rather pay more for their service then cheap stuff...

Looking for information and found it at this great site... » »

What a great site »

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