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Monday, September 19, 2005 

Personal - Relationship Ending due to different character & mutual understanding

I call my gf (Candy Tan Yan Li). You know there something about her. She is sweet no doubt. Maybe due to the fact we do not have a mutual understanding between each other. I tried all the matters to ask her back into my arms, but i dont think she wanted the type of guy like me. Which i had aready comfirm on the phone with her just now. All i thought in my mind was asking her to come back to works things out as we did on the past before. I can prove to her i am the type of the man she looking for but i guess whatever it is any story will come to an end. I am very sad right now at one point of it. Another point of it make me single again. It all about dating game again, hoping for a new love to come.

There was one of my buddy once said to me, "I am at the age of 23, the uni and do not have a gf(girlfriend) before and wishing to have one." It really backtrack me to few year back where i was in his shoes. I call her just now and i shall not go further to our phone conversation thing, due to the fact this a public blog. We talk about us and our stuff and ask her to come back to our relationship and start things new again.

Let put into my shoes few year back where i had almost the same thought as her. Candy Tang quote: "He is not the man i wanted, He is not the man i love but just that i like him". [I do not know she reading this blog a not but if she is the only one whom can correct me if i am wrong.]

Right now Candy and i are mutual friends. Nothing much more then that, Plan B had arised!! Hehe =P I going to join The Dark Force (Stars Wars) May the dark force be with me.

Lunch Actually charge people SGD 850/= for 13 meetup per year to know each other. WTF!! SGD 850 freaking EXPANSIVE but i am willing and dare myself to try out a lunch date. Infact meeting them tormorrow. I really wish i can found my next whole 1/2 at Lunch Date. I will pray and god bless me for that. Hope my money is well spent and strech every inch of dollar, lol =X

Anyone willing to sign up for that?

I had found out that both of us had different character and we had tons of character crash! :yikes: As for mutual understanding part will be i am the one who do the horsework to mutual understand her more. I do not get angry easily with her due to the fact i still like her now. We both parties wish we have a nice, sweet ending remains as friends... I guess i have taste the bitter sweet side of love. I will like to say love is like The Chocolate!! You have different type of flavours. You have the Bitter Sweet, Sweet, Milk Chocolate, Nuts or Almond, Raisins, Dark, shell (M&M), high in coco beans and etc...

Which type of flavours of LOVE have you tried?