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Saturday, September 03, 2005 

Singapore - Comex 2005

Comex 2005 will be held at
Suntec City 4th & 6th level from 1 Sept to 4 Sept 2005.

Hundreds of market leading companies will showcase and unleash the latest and most comprehensive range of exhibits from Desktops, Notebooks, MP3s, Digital Cameras, Smart Phones, PDAs, Tablet PCs, Projectors, Camcorders, Wireless products, Printers, Gaming(Xbox), Storage Solutions, Flash Memories, Plasmas TVs, LCDs, Broadband Solutions, Multimedia, Audio-Visual Products, Surveillance Systems, Security Solutions, Media, CDR, CDRW, DVD, Modems, Networking Products, Graphic Cards, Speakers, Video-editing Solutions, Software, Training to a plethora of peripherals and accessories. There is definitely something for everyone, be it for your business, home or pure entertainment.

comex also got mei nu models one meh?

got i just saw yesterday..

you mean mei nu MP3 issit?

The mp3 there dirt CHEAP AH!!

Oh ya pls add me into your RSS


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