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Thursday, September 22, 2005 

Singapore - Which Wedding?

I am refer to the article of Mrs Kucinta. If i was her i will do the same thing and my paymaster is my source of income and i will die die no choice have to go. I know even i had to see her face everyday but think & think again my wage relise on her...

On my way to work today and we thinking all the sweet memories that we had in the Feb 2005 Thailand Trip during Chinese New Year. i was sitting on the taxi on my way to morning work as i was about to be late. I had backtrack to all the sweet memories we had on the Bangkok Taxi ride to Floating Market, SPA Massage and etc... How sweet the memories can be and how i wish i can do it again but i have to get back to the fact that she is my best friend now. (Still angry & Tired from work i guess) >_<

I Will Live Strong...

May the force be with you!

aiyoh! actually tt paymaster thingy is meant to be a joke! now everyone thinks my colleague is my paymaster when she's not... *LOL*

Erh!! Orh!! =X

Get over it. Life is more than that.

Keep up the good work
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