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Monday, October 24, 2005 

Battlefield 2 - The Older Gamers

Humm, let me see. Just got TK in BF2 so blog this now, before i do not have the time to blog. Is quite fun to play game once a while and just before i boot up my PC i got Paxo alert saying my birthday is coming. Sometime i few that am i too old to play game or issit a child game?

Until i done some research and met TOG-Griller and his introduction what TOG is about. 1st you have to be 25 year old above to join them. 2nd most TOG player have family and average around 30+ year old.

most of the Singaporean, when they work outside the IT industry. I found seldom older gamers around not like AU & NZ where Internode & Gamearena rule on ADSL 2+ technology of wopping up 11Meg or 24 Meg Internet Access but came along with a very EXPANSIVE tag compare to Singapore.