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Thursday, October 27, 2005 

Food & Wine - Carl’s Jr @ CBD Singapore

Humm… Let me see, it was about to lunch time and is my working day today at CBD area… Usually, I do not like to eat at CBD area and tons of people during the lunch crowds. I have no idea what to eat at 1st and it was 1pm now.

When I went for lunch, as I saw one of my colleague pass by the escalator. I ask her, what do you have for lunch? She just simply points to the cup her holding. OMG, it was Carl’s Jr where do you bought this shit? As she told me where the place, I was still scratching my head.

I know some Singaporean Floggers bogged Carl’s Jr but I going to try it out myself and review from an ex-chef point of view. I got there and bloody ass I was blur and I did not know what to eat. The price tag is range from SGD5/++ onwards… Is quite expansive burgers you know, but what to say; you are going to expect America Size Burgers. I going to puke after I eat the burger but I did not.

I paid SGD10/++ for my burger and drink and you will not expect good customer service as during the lunch crowd and their burger deliver is speedy and most of the stuff is self-service which include drinks. I throw away my 1st Ice-Tea drink as I did not know I need to add sugar syrup. Everything you need like chili, ketchup sauce, drink and etc…

I did not bring my camera along. Damm… I will bring with my camera next round!! Okay, here my ex-chef reviews. I order the menu 7; some bacon, beef patty, melted cheese & greens… the burger was not as big as Hungry Jack's®

They are a bit of expansive but you paid for their quality burgers. I realize there more female customer then male due to their hot melting cheese burger. You got to try it once a while.

Need to go back work now! Seeya…

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