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Friday, October 21, 2005 

Personal - Busy week

Hi guys, once again i had been busy with work and had not been blogging during my off dayszZZz.. A special friend of my is going overseas for a week. I need to catch up for Battefield stuff. QiuSpot.net hosting had been down for a while due to BuildtoLearn.com host master.

I will like to say BuildtoLearn.com did a good job to get back on track. I looking forward to it. I had been thinking, i must say bloggers code is limited things on blogging stuff. I planning on moving to wordpress or Moveable Type 3.2.

Today actually miss a trial on SAF clan which i need to go to work at 7pm. Where they start their trial at 6pm. So had to take a cab to work lol. >_<

I had BIG plan to start my very own QiuSpot.net but i need Freelance WebDesigners to create a new interface, not a stupid template which i going to edit it. I need a unqiue feel & look of QiuSpot.net. If you are reading my blog now & you are a freelance webdesigner, feel free to contact me or email me I will pay you for your service and webdesigns. Which ever country you are at i will still $$$ you for your quality of your service of your designs.

HELP, I need webdesigners......

Enjoyed a lot! »

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