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Monday, October 31, 2005 

Personal - Older Gamer Singapore

Today was just any other day. Is just that it was my birthday yesterday and I did spend a cozy birthday at home. Singapore had never been on DST. And Singapore had never fall on snow. I wonder how it looks like.

There are many things in life, where I want to be. There are thing I understand that money can’ buy. I met the Toggier a few months back playing Battlefield 2 and they caught me of my flying crazy Blackhawk skills I had while playing BF2 version 1.02 patch. At that time I was using a very old IBM ps2 port keyboard, Razer Diamondblack 1600dpi mouse. Worst still running on a socket 7xx pin, 1GB RAM & 8x AGP Nvidia 6600GT 128mb RAM. With a 2MB cable internet and still very laggy to the game server in Australia.

Australia time had gone to DST. Where I did upgrade my PC to better ones, I am still hunting for my dream PC and hungry for more to a server end PC… I found the TOG as my 2nd home as they are very friendly. I am lucky I still not married yet as do not need to score some wifely points. Most of the TOG are in their 30’s, married, have their own family and kids and I believe their families & friends are very support them playing online game they love to play. I will like to say every man have their kids inside their hearts.

There one thing I do not understand about, I seldom see much Older Gamers in Singapore. I felt left out here but I never been left behind in the internet. I had pass the 50k point at Battlefield 2 and I was very shock that I was the only TOG to pass their mark. That all for the time been…

Now I shall live happily, now get back to work…

happy birthday! did u receive my ecard? ^^

i also feel left out everytime i play gunbound, cos most of them are below 15!! arghh....

Hey hey hey.....Hplanet!...My very good Singaporian friend and fellow TOGger.

You have posted some very nice words about TOG.

Just remember, that you'll always find a TOGger online to game with. and I am ONLY 2 & 1/2 hours away...lol

I also envy your current dream PC, I can't wait to do the upgrades you have already done.

My next purchase will be a Saitek X52 Flight Control System.
http://www.saitek.com/row/prod/x52.htm this will really put me in the HOT pilot seat.

Chin up soldier.

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Best regards from NY!
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