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Wednesday, October 05, 2005 

Singapore - Bali Bomb Blast!! Erh!!

After reading the newpapaer today i found out there another bali bomb blast. I wanted to go bali last year but i never did. The air ticket did not allow me to. I had when to Ozzie last year. It was a bloody nice trip i had in my life.

Accidenty met up with an old friend which i know online a few year back but never kept in touch. Now i guess she is living healthy & nerdy in perth with her boyfriend and her parents.

yesterday one of my working mate ask me about, have you been to Austurlia? Can i ask some question about backpacking... I will love to go back again during next year after Chinese New Year with my working mates and her friend to really "Experience Ozzie"

Last thing i know was to going to plan for my Australia trip next year and meet up and catch up with some friends...

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