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Sunday, October 23, 2005 

Singapore - Hari Raya Adil Fitri

Is a new malay new year coming where they shop at gerlany seri and etc... Is my lunch time and happen i work nearby there in the bloody hot sunday late afternoon. If you do not know what Pusa is click HERE No muslim is allow to eat from sunrise to sunset.

At during evening they fest after a day of hard work and praying.

I was at the market and the only few chinese walking around the flea market with my work mates... Damm shit i did bring my camera & the camera is in china by now. I bought a few muslim food stuff.

DengDeng is the Ba Gua is we eat during chinese new year but instead or pork they have chicken or beef version. Nasi Branyi from stall 176 next to satay stall, is cheap and good and not much red food colouring...

I can't even believe i bought SGD5/= of Nasi Branyi with Mutton & Chicken legs part. I was planning to eat it 1/2 for lunch then 1/2 for dinner. End up is way too delicious for me to eat it up just in 25mins. I now ending up like a 8 mths pregnant lady.....

Happy Holidays to all Muslim!!