Friday, November 25, 2005 

Personal - Busy Weekend

Sintex 2005 going on and i been on course & work and play...


Never been so pack in my life...

I need a hoilday!! yukies


Monday, November 21, 2005 

Personal - Sex change

Week ago i when to thailand to change my sex today, i wonder how is been fucked like!! Comeon baby F*** me...

Now i am a ladyboy Muhahahhaaaa.....


Just Kidding..


Saturday, November 19, 2005 

Gadget - iPod Family 2005

Originally uploaded by hplanet.

Diffrence btw iPod Nano & iPod 30GB!!

My iPod is on the right and after apple got lawsuit of the Nano got ton of scratch they had shipped in with the white iPod Pouch!!


Personal - Grandpa Funeral

Some cry & some hold back the tear as my father’s father (grandpa) pass away….


Tuesday, November 15, 2005 

Battlefield 2 - Wall-Hack For All

For me i was playing in GA2 inf map the just because i was taking his APC and he Nick "Pen Hat" was so piss that he use cheat to TK me and PB ban me on that server for a while.

I am still very, very pissed off about PunkBuster punishing me without just cause. And in my wild outbursts I have decided to investigate why exactly PunkBuster might ban someone from playing a game online. It seems a bit extreme to ban someone (in some cases for life, for all PunkBuster enabled games) without checking into it. They never go back on their computerized decisions, even if a program such as an autolauncher is to blame for the problem.

I wanted to see what caused PunkBuster to ban a player, so I scavenged the internet for some BF2 hacking software and stumbled across something that you n00bs might be interested in. This particular piece of software is going for $20 dollars online (the site requires a minimum $20 dollar membership to download) at But hacks are meant to be free, so I'm posting a link to it below.

After playing just one game with this software running I can say openly that there is zero fun to cheating. Not only does it make the game look like crap, but it really didn't help me out all that much. The only difference from my normal game play was that I wasn't killed as much by people hiding behind rocks. But I would rather give up those 4 or 5 deaths for the game graphics to be back to normal. The wallhacks all depend on coloring in the character models with horribly ugly solid blues, greens, reds, and yellows.

If you are into cheating, like a lamer, Click here to access the Battlefield 2 Hack. More information at the link provided. Quick control guide: use delete to bring up the menu then the arrow keys and enter to move and select.

I also relise after a few day of rusty in BF 2, the whole new gameplay of tatics is so diff again... People start to use cheat which me me puke and just want to switch off the computer. Where is all the fun and teamwork?


Personal - I Miss Blogging

This is what happen which i had been busy working at weekend and by monday i need to score some wifey points. And i had not play Battlefield 2 since last week and i need to fix & tune a friend's latop.

I was piss during tune the Laptop due to the ram is on 256MB and Windows XP need 512 to 1GB to run, exculde the applacions. WTF Windows SUX anyway. Lunix better but due to work and game you have to love and hate them.

Now all i have to wait for my new ipod buddies arrival like skin, protecter and pouch and as i said before the estore sux anyway. with poor customer service.

I help my work mate to buy a Ipod Nano 2GB after he saw me having one Ipod Video.

So are you going to buy any Ipod for christmas?

Saturday, November 12, 2005 

Singapore - Holy Shit, I saw Diana Ser!!

Holy Shit, I saw Diana Ser today!! Well, it all began I had a dream this morning. I dream that I will saw a beautiful sweet woman today! And then thunderstorm... Lighting... Duh!! I woke up and thought I having nightmares...

I was working today and is was Saturday! Weekend, humm.. As usual when to work and my office is just sit on the Singapore Post main branch building!! When to pay my Singapore Post bills, so did I drop a mail as I passby the letterbox.

I took my number and when to the counter and pay my postal bills. As I was waiting, my head turn left and I did not notice I saw a short, sweet, curly hair, beautiful lady over the next counter!! Until, she was ask about her name to take her parcel as they as send to her. She spoken & said "Diana". My head was think is it that Diana Ser from Channel NewsAsia. I hardly seen as celebraties in the public.
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.I expect her to be taller in the TV news. So I ask the Singapore Post counter guy. Is that Diana Ser? He simply reply, humm.. let me see! Yeah! Is her. When I look at her she when over another counter to take her parcel. She hurried away and took a big box and a few letter on top of it. Damm, she cute!! =p haha She was wearingher brown leather handbag, demin jeans & white spaghetti strips with her brown bra strips sticking out!! She look great on her curly wavy hair although!

I though is was the end of seen her hurried back to her car I guess. BUT WAIT!!!!!

I when to the NTUC fairprice supermarket was thinking of picking up some yogurt for lunch. Then Diana Ser appear in front of me as she was chosing some butter. I when pass her and think what yogurt I want to eat. Again my mind was thinking holy shit I saw her 2 times of this celebraties in person. Most of the time & most of the Singaporean will saw her on the news TV as a anchorwomen of the Channel NewsAsia Repoter lor!! >_< She is exectlly as Cindy (my ex-gf size). Boy she still hot! I was really expect her to be taller woman and i guess due to all the makeup on the TV and off makeup and in real person is a whole different story lol.....

Have you met any Celebrities before?

Thursday, November 10, 2005 

Internet - Husband of the Year Awards

3rd Place goes to: Albania

2nd Place goes to: Serbia - Look like he is got 2 wife!! WOW &_&

and the winner of the man of the year is: Ireland

Ah, the Irish are true romantics.
At least he’s holding her hand


Battlefield 2 - BH Alibaba Bag

Originally uploaded by hplanet.

I did not notice there a BIG Alibab Bag at the BlackHawk in Battlefield 2.


Battlefield 2 - Tank Away

Originally uploaded by hplanet.

Is quite hard to stay still at the tank especially when it move and swing here and there!!


Battlefield 2 - Leg Stick Out

Originally uploaded by hplanet.

I quite funny which the leg sticking out in this way. I bet you will know where the enemy are!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 

Personal - Domain

Is been quite a while i have not blog and thing going busy as usually and to me. Life go on and for some how i very sad last night thinking about the past of my life i have done and all the stupid things and etc..

Some are sweet memories & some are bad. i guess that what life all about... Is 2pm plus and time for me to go and have my breakfast & lunch together liao. I wonder what i will whip out in the kitchen lor...

Oh yes, i hunt for a very rare Domain but i will not tell you what is it so stay tune... hehe =p

Saturday, November 05, 2005 

Battlefield 2 - 200K mark

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. / PID 44652121 got hist the 200,ooo point in battlefield 2 mark and the next person to reach this mark of 200,000l be promoted??
EA bug again!!


Internet - Fireball Sightings

Every year in late October and early November, he explains, Earth passes through a river of space dust associated with Comet Encke. Tiny grains hit our atmosphere at 65,000 mph. At that speed, even a tiny smidgen of dust makes a vivid streak of light--a meteor--when it disintegrates. Because these meteors shoot out of the constellation Taurus, they're called Taurids.

see caption

Above: a Taurid fireball photographed Oct. 28, 2005, by Hiroyuki Iida of Toyama, Japan.


Internet - Sony rootkit DRM

Last week when I was testing the latest version of RootkitRevealer (RKR) I ran a scan on one of my systems and was shocked to see evidence of a rootkit. Qiute by

Imagine you buy a Sony or BMG Audio CD. You agree with the EULA, then your system got hack by Sony.

About the DRM software from Sony that used rootkit technologies. The company behind the technology, First 4 Internet, has now released an update for the software. After visiting the web site, downloading and installing the update, it now seems that the DRM software no longer attempts to hide anything on the computer. The rootkit driver (aries.sys) is removed from the system during the update.

I dont think i will buy any Sony & BMG CDs or even PSP!!

Friday, November 04, 2005 

Internet - Jamie Oliver Italy

Really excited that my new book, Jamie's Italy, is out now for you to buy. I had an amazing time in Italy earlier this year and this book is full of the recipes that I collected on my travels.

Find out more here

Jami got a new book and i saw at Borders bookstore @ Wheellock Place will cost you SGD 50++


Personal - QiuSpot Art

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

It took me 3 freaking hours to made this photo!! I always want to LAUGH at this picture of my!!
A very funny photo of me.....

Thursday, November 03, 2005 

Gadget - iPod Robot

Okay, maybe not an actual functional robot controlled by your iPod (though that would be cool).

iKub - Robotic iPod Cradle

On the other hand, this does seem to be a cute, cuddly, Japanese (of course), robotic desktop stand/cradle for your iPod. Now, I’ve got absolutely NO skill with Japanese, anybody who does…feel free to let me know more. About all I know is that it appears to be called an iKub and seems to be brought to you by HMV.

I really want to get one just to use it to have my iPod play Mr. Roboto.

From oscarblog.

UPDATE: Okay, found another page on HMV’s site with a bit of English, apparently the iKub is due out in November.

UPDATE: After getting links in from Boingboing, Engadget and Gizmodo (Thanks all!). I was able to get a little more informatoin on the ‘iPod Robot’. It is a 400% Kubrick action figure, with a specially designed iPod cradle. Lots more information about Kubrick action figures can be found on Personally, I’d take Engadget’s advice and get several as Kubricks are very collectible.

UPDATE: Gotta love Babelfish. Thanks Jackola!.

UPDATE: Also according to Jackola: After adding it to the shopping cart, etc., it looks to be about $65 (with shipping) to the USA. I wish I had an ipod. I know for a fact I would buy that little gadget if I had one. Thanks again!

UPDATE: Please note, the iKub is not a cradle per se. It only functions as a stand or holder for your iPod and is not a replacement for the desktop cradle in any way.


Personal - Para Blue FabriX

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
KNN, i have to wait for the for 1 week to get this... >_<

Thank you for your order. The Para Blue FabriX case is currently out of stock and the designer will need about a week and a half to make the case. Do you want us to hold your order till then, or do you want to select another FabriX case? Just let me know via e-mail and I'll help to update your order.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005 

Personal - iPod Clothes

Thing i bought from today for my iPod Video...
1 x iPod mini Screen Armor (3 Pack) (IPM-SCREENARMOR) = S$5.05
1 x Blue Neon Flames iPod mini Skin (IPM-BFLAMES) = S$11.81
1 x Boomerang Green iPod mini Clickwheel Skin (IPMCW-BOOMGREEN) = S$5.05
1 x Monogrey FabriX Case for iPod mini (FABRIXMMONOG) = S$25.34
1 x Hearts iPod shuffle Skin (IPS-HEARTS) = S$5.05
1 x iPod Video Screen Armor (3 Pack) (IPV-SCREENARMOR) = S$5.05
1 x Portal Gamma iPod Video Skin (IPV-PORTALG) = S$11.81
1 x Para Blue FabriX Case for iPod (FABRIXPBLUE) = S$33.79
Sub-Total: S$102.96
Standard Registered Mail (Shipping to SG): S$7.40
Total: S$110.36

Nabei, KNN they are going to charge me on USD via Paypal and then i call the owner of the e-Shop. He die die say i must buy 30 iPod skins then i got reseller discount!! Otherwise, i have to take it or leave it lor. Freaking bad customter service lol...

No wonder, Singapore Prime Minister said "We are the worst customter service, in the world!!"


Internet - Apple to replace any 5G iPods

In an effort to improve both customer satisfaction and the quality of its music players, Apple in some countries will replace any fifth-generation iPod (video) player that exhibit signs of hardware failure, with little-to-no questions asked.
Last week, customers upset about the iPod nano issues filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple, demanding their money back plus a share of the company’s profits.

I guess Apple worried they got lawsuit again...


Internet - Fabrix Cases

Denim Splattered | Denim

Indigo blue denim dashed with white splattered paint to give the raw chic look. Stitched on pocket stores your precious white earphones etc. Perfect compliments to jeans.
* Earphones not included.

Fabrix Cases is like but they are only diff in price and quality....


Internet - iPod cover (sleeve) // foofbag - laptop bag (sleeve) for ibook or powerbook

Protect your iPod, Tungsten E2 or IXUS/Powershot and other Small devices, from objects in your pocket. Designed for squeeze release, with no dangly bits.


Internet - iPod Video Art

Give your new iPod Video a new look in seconds and protect it from abuse at the same time! Forget thick plastic shells - skin it! Check out this ready-to-apply iPod Video full-color skin with an ultra-high resolution full-color "Creation" design printed on premium grade adhesive-backed vinyl. The skin is then covered with a clear protectant layer for the ultimate in durability. Remember - all of our full-color skins use a patented repositionable/removable/reusable adhesive backing for fast, easy and accurate installation and goo-free removal!This skin kit covers the front and back of the new iPod Video for maximum effect and is 100% compatible with our Screen Armor™ screen protector kits. As a bonus, a pre-cut clickwheel skin (as shown in the picture) is included.More details about the quality of our skins are available in our article about Skins Demystified. If this skin ever smudges, wears, fades or blurs, we will replace it for you for free! (shipping not included)