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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 

Battlefield 2 - Wall-Hack For All

For me i was playing in GA2 inf map the just because i was taking his APC and he Nick "Pen Hat" was so piss that he use cheat to TK me and PB ban me on that server for a while.

I am still very, very pissed off about PunkBuster punishing me without just cause. And in my wild outbursts I have decided to investigate why exactly PunkBuster might ban someone from playing a game online. It seems a bit extreme to ban someone (in some cases for life, for all PunkBuster enabled games) without checking into it. They never go back on their computerized decisions, even if a program such as an autolauncher is to blame for the problem.

I wanted to see what caused PunkBuster to ban a player, so I scavenged the internet for some BF2 hacking software and stumbled across something that you n00bs might be interested in. This particular piece of software is going for $20 dollars online (the site requires a minimum $20 dollar membership to download) at MSXsecurity.com. But hacks are meant to be free, so I'm posting a link to it below.

After playing just one game with this software running I can say openly that there is zero fun to cheating. Not only does it make the game look like crap, but it really didn't help me out all that much. The only difference from my normal game play was that I wasn't killed as much by people hiding behind rocks. But I would rather give up those 4 or 5 deaths for the game graphics to be back to normal. The wallhacks all depend on coloring in the character models with horribly ugly solid blues, greens, reds, and yellows.

If you are into cheating, like a lamer, Click here to access the Battlefield 2 Hack. More information at the link provided. Quick control guide: use delete to bring up the menu then the arrow keys and enter to move and select.

I also relise after a few day of rusty in BF 2, the whole new gameplay of tatics is so diff again... People start to use cheat which me me puke and just want to switch off the computer. Where is all the fun and teamwork?

Get a clue you stupid bitch. Hacking is for fucktards. Maybe you would'nt have gotten banned if you did'nt have a fucking hack or did'nt steal the vehicle, then tk him 4 times.

Stupid bitches like you are why guys don't like chicks playing online.

Stupid bitches like you are why guys don't like chicks playing online."

And comments like that are why guys hang their heads in shame. It sucks that there are still ppl like you who think like this.

Hacking is lame though, whatever gender you are

hi im pen-hat and yes i was hacking and yes i will do it to you again

yo do you want to leave your pass word and screen name so some noobs can download that shit

pen-hat, your the lowest form of escum on the planet and to be proud of being such just shows what sort of fuckwit you are and i can't wait to find you in game and prove what sort of tard you are so as to get you reset or totally banned preferably

pen-hat, your the lowest form of escum on the planet and to be proud of being such just shows what sort of fuckwit you are and i can't wait to find you in game and prove what sort of tard you are so as to get you reset or totally banned preferably


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