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Thursday, November 03, 2005 

Gadget - iPod Robot

Okay, maybe not an actual functional robot controlled by your iPod (though that would be cool).

iKub - Robotic iPod Cradle

On the other hand, this does seem to be a cute, cuddly, Japanese (of course), robotic desktop stand/cradle for your iPod. Now, I’ve got absolutely NO skill with Japanese, anybody who does…feel free to let me know more. About all I know is that it appears to be called an iKub and seems to be brought to you by HMV.

I really want to get one just to use it to have my iPod play Mr. Roboto.

From oscarblog.

UPDATE: Okay, found another page on HMV’s site with a bit of English, apparently the iKub is due out in November.

UPDATE: After getting links in from Boingboing, Engadget and Gizmodo (Thanks all!). I was able to get a little more informatoin on the ‘iPod Robot’. It is a 400% Kubrick action figure, with a specially designed iPod cradle. Lots more information about Kubrick action figures can be found on kubrick.nl. Personally, I’d take Engadget’s advice and get several as Kubricks are very collectible.

UPDATE: Gotta love Babelfish. Thanks Jackola!.

UPDATE: Also according to Jackola: After adding it to the shopping cart, etc., it looks to be about $65 (with shipping) to the USA. I wish I had an ipod. I know for a fact I would buy that little gadget if I had one. Thanks again!

UPDATE: Please note, the iKub is not a cradle per se. It only functions as a stand or holder for your iPod and is not a replacement for the desktop cradle in any way.