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Saturday, November 05, 2005 

Internet - Sony rootkit DRM

Last week when I was testing the latest version of RootkitRevealer (RKR) I ran a scan on one of my systems and was shocked to see evidence of a rootkit. Qiute by RootKit.com

Imagine you buy a Sony or BMG Audio CD. You agree with the EULA, then your system got hack by Sony.

About the DRM software from Sony that used rootkit technologies. The company behind the technology, First 4 Internet, has now released an update for the software. After visiting the web site, downloading and installing the update, it now seems that the DRM software no longer attempts to hide anything on the computer. The rootkit driver (aries.sys) is removed from the system during the update.

I dont think i will buy any Sony & BMG CDs or even PSP!!

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