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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 

Personal - I Miss Blogging

This is what happen which i had been busy working at weekend and by monday i need to score some wifey points. And i had not play Battlefield 2 since last week and i need to fix & tune a friend's latop.

I was piss during tune the Laptop due to the ram is on 256MB and Windows XP need 512 to 1GB to run, exculde the applacions. WTF Windows SUX anyway. Lunix better but due to work and game you have to love and hate them.

Now all i have to wait for my new ipod buddies arrival like skin, protecter and pouch and as i said before the estore sux anyway. with poor customer service.

I help my work mate to buy a Ipod Nano 2GB after he saw me having one Ipod Video.

So are you going to buy any Ipod for christmas?