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Saturday, November 12, 2005 

Singapore - Holy Shit, I saw Diana Ser!!

Holy Shit, I saw Diana Ser today!! Well, it all began I had a dream this morning. I dream that I will saw a beautiful sweet woman today! And then thunderstorm... Lighting... Duh!! I woke up and thought I having nightmares...

I was working today and is was Saturday! Weekend, humm.. As usual when to work and my office is just sit on the Singapore Post main branch building!! When to pay my Singapore Post bills, so did I drop a mail as I passby the letterbox.

I took my number and when to the counter and pay my postal bills. As I was waiting, my head turn left and I did not notice I saw a short, sweet, curly hair, beautiful lady over the next counter!! Until, she was ask about her name to take her parcel as they as send to her. She spoken & said "Diana". My head was think is it that Diana Ser from Channel NewsAsia. I hardly seen as celebraties in the public.
The image “http://www.zaobao.com/zaobao/cittabella/0700/images/diana210600.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.I expect her to be taller in the TV news. So I ask the Singapore Post counter guy. Is that Diana Ser? He simply reply, humm.. let me see! Yeah! Is her. When I look at her she when over another counter to take her parcel. She hurried away and took a big box and a few letter on top of it. Damm, she cute!! =p haha She was wearingher brown leather handbag, demin jeans & white spaghetti strips with her brown bra strips sticking out!! She look great on her curly wavy hair although!

I though is was the end of seen her hurried back to her car I guess. BUT WAIT!!!!!

I when to the NTUC fairprice supermarket was thinking of picking up some yogurt for lunch. Then Diana Ser appear in front of me as she was chosing some butter. I when pass her and think what yogurt I want to eat. Again my mind was thinking holy shit I saw her 2 times of this celebraties in person. Most of the time & most of the Singaporean will saw her on the news TV as a anchorwomen of the Channel NewsAsia Repoter lor!! >_< She is exectlly as Cindy (my ex-gf size). Boy she still hot! I was really expect her to be taller woman and i guess due to all the makeup on the TV and off makeup and in real person is a whole different story lol.....

Have you met any Celebrities before?

aiyoh u nvr ask for her autograph....

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i also met Diana ser the other day in takashimaya. She is really shorter than i expected. Maybe only 150cm or 152cm ??

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