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Monday, December 12, 2005 

Personal - personal

is been quite a while i have not blog due to work and stress. I just pick up a new hobby like playing Hi-Fi stuff and AMP and T-AMP and stuff like that....

Hi, starlandliu here.

How's your battlefield results over this past months?

You can find me everyday in a server called: Internode BF2 02

Singapore time from 10.30am to 4.00pm.

See you there!

You can find out my results by clicking "compare" and type my nickname(singaporeliu).

errr...the only thing that I put wrongly is the flag(should be singapore and not US flag).

I am okie.

you can always catch me at xfire

User ID: hplanetgmail

As you requested!!


Haha! I surely lose to you!

Because I stopped the game for 3 months for my exams.

hmmm...about the xfire, I really can't find your server.

You cam tried internode BF 02, because it is very easy to find, with a ping about 100+ to 150+.

Hi, I will be on Internode BF2 02 Server on Sunday and the next week from Singapore time, 10.30pm to 1.00pm in the morning and 3.00pm tp 6.00pm in the afternoon.

See you there! I would like to join your squad too.


Are you playing on a server with a IP address of: Strike at Karkard?

That map is too awesome, I will play on that server everyday.

Enjoyed a lot! »

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