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Wednesday, June 21, 2006 

I miss my exgf

Well gmail server is down for me.

I had not bloged since my exgf broke up and only saw her 1/2 year ago and last few weeks.

She told me she had breach the ttsh contract which left 1 year and i know been a nurse is not a easy job.

Maybe she just like OL job after all...

I woke up on 20 June 2006 gone to work and very tired and do not feel like to go to work and hack i miss my exgf....

Until now at 21 June 2006, I cannot sleep and give me headache and i still thinking of YanLi and no reply from her sms.

I guess she is busy after all and i guess today is her last day of been a staff nurse at TTSH.

How i really wish i can listen to her voice and everything seem to be so claim right now...