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Thursday, August 17, 2006 

HK - FREE BUS Airport Express Railway (AER)

Airport Express Shuttle Routes – free with AER.
From / To AER Hong Kong Station

H1 -- Service Hour: 06:10 - 23:00
Island Shangri-La -> Conrad International Hong Kong -> Pacific Place -> JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong -> The Empire Hotel Hong Kong -> Renaissance Harbour View Hotel -> Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre -> Furama Hotel Hong Kong

H2 -- Service Hour: 06:10 - 23:00
The Wharney Hotel -> Century Hong Kong Hotel -> The Excelsior, Hong Kong -> Luk Kwok Hotel
From / To AER Kowloon Station – free with AER.

K1 -- Service Hour: 06:05 - 23:00
MTR Jordan Station (alighting, Tak shung School) -> KCR Hunghom Station (alighting) -> Whampoa Garden (Tak On Street, Wing On Department Store) -> Harbour Plaza Hotel -> KCR Hunghom Station (boarding) -> MTR Jordan Station (boarding, Union Church Kowloon)

K2 -- Service Hour: 06:15 - 23:00
The Marco Polo Prince -> The Marco Polo Gateway -> The Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel -> Sheraton Hong Kong

K3 -- Service Hour: 06:05 - 23:00
The Kowloon Hotel -> Hyatt Regency Hong Kong -> Great Eagle Hotel -> Royal Pacific Hotel / China Ferry Terminal

K4 -- Service Hour: 06:15 - 23:00
New World Renaissance Hotel -> Regal Kowloon Hotel -> Hotel Nikko Hongkong -> Grand Stanford Inter-Continental Hong Kong -> Kowloon Shangri-La

K5 -- Service Hour: 06:05 - 23:00
Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hong Kong -> Park Hotel -> Hotel Miramar -> Windsor Hotel -> The Empire Hotel Kowloon -> BP International

K6 -- Service Hour: 06:15 - 23:00
Eaton Hotel Hong Kong -> Dorsett Garden Hotel -> Majestic Hotel

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